​​​Nestled among the rolling hills and winding roads of North Carolina only a short distance south-east of Charlotte, you'll find a haven that ​fulfills your yearning for the equestrian life. This is our Farm, Cornerstone Farm/. A unique facility that combines the care, comfort, and education of all things “horse”. Cornerstone offers a large (250’ x 175’) arena, multiple grass paddocks, tack room equipped with full laundry services, refrigerator and separate lounge, and exceptional day-to-day care. Cornerstone is your full service boarding facility for your new (or old) best friend.                                                       

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​​S triving  not only to provide a place to board a horse; Cornerstone is a cost-effective, comfortable, and safe home. Promoting socialization, training, exercise, care, and the love that your horse deserves on the day-to-day basis, We would love to show-off our facilities and invite you to see what Cornerstone Farm can offer to you.

In addition to Cornerstone's notable boarding services we offer tailor-made trainingprograms for the beginner, novice, or journeyman equestrian. Our training programs promotes safety, care, sportsmanship, expertise in teaching multiple riding disciplines, and the enjoyment and care of a that very special friend.