​​​​Emily Greczyn
Owner / Manager / Trainer


Horses have always been Emily Greczyn's passion. She began riding lessons at the age of eight, and started training and showing competitively by the age of twelve. She was successful on the “C” circuit, consistently ranking within the top 5, and started competing on the "A" circuit further into her riding career. Despite being told she was never going to make a living working with horses, she never questioned what she was going to do with her life. But, she recognized that she needed to be able to run a business as well as ride professionally. While attending college at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, she pursued her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies with a focus in Business, and a minor in Religious Studies. During those years, she competed on the Interscholastic Horse Show Association (IHSA) team for three years. During those years she also began working as an assistant trainer as well as a groom for Emily Zoltowski-Wilson (former Willington Stables) and for a brief period of time Emily Jay (Keystone Stables) During this time she learned key principles to training horses, horsemanship, and teaching. Emily then decided in March of 2015 to begin her own business and follow in the footsteps of all the trainers who had led her along the way. She opened Cornerstone Farm in April of 2015, originating in Monroe, and then later moved to Indian Trail, North Carolina. She is blessed and thankful every day, to be doing what she loves as a career, and to be instilling the love of horses into each and every one of her students. 

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Emily's passion lies in creating a successful partnership between horse and rider and educating riders how to love the animals, the sport, the art, and the magic of what creates a true equestrian.